Craft Perfect Double Sided Redline Tape 6mm x 5mm

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Craft Perfect Double Sided Redline Tape secures your projects with a durable high tack hold. The high tack polyester adhesive tape is heat resistant and creates a permanent hold when binding paper, board, plastic and fabric. Perfect to use with Tonic Studios 3D Dies and projects. This no mess alternative to liquid glue is perfect for any project in school, home, crafts or work.

This durable tape is 6mm (0.24") wide x 5m (197") long

✓ Strong hold, durable, high tack

✓ Double sided

✓ Ideal for papercraft

✓ Use for school, home, crafts, work

✓ No mess alternative to glue

✓ Instant permanent bond without unsightly marks

✓ Heat resistant

✓ Acid free