What is Diamond Dotz?

Diamond Dotz is an amazing new craft where stunning designs are created with tiny "diamond" like facets. Our diamond facet art kits will produce a stunning shimmery effect, featuring a broad range of designs that cater to all tastes.

The process of picking up the beads and placing them onto the chart is easy, relaxing and quick making it possible to complete even large size designs in a matter of days.

The end result is an exquisite design that is so visually spectacular that it will have you eager to do more! 

How does Diamond Dotz work?

With a light touch, you are finishing a beautiful piece of artwork that will be admired by all. Using the tool provided, tap on the bead to pick it up and tap it down right where the chart tells you to. It couldn't get any easier!

Tell me about the beads

The beads are premium/luxury 2.8mm epoxy resin diamond facets made of first grade raw materials (not recycled). The unique facet design has 13 different surfaces that reflect light and create a more spectacular finished result.

What do I do when I'm done?

When you completely finish your Diamond Dotz design? You can either cut along the dark outline and place it inside a picture frame (we recommend a poster frame, which is much lighter than glass) or simply wrap around a blank canvas and stapling in the back (either a regular painters' canvas or a thin media board to hide color key). You will use the "Design Size" as a guide when selecting either your frame or canvas as most designs are standard enough to be found at stores like Walmart and Michael's. The framing part should not be an expensive venture, unless you are looking for custom framing which comes at a steeper expense.

Poster Frame Example 

Standard Canvas Example 

Media Board Example

Will there be new Diamond Dotz designs?

We come out with new designs as frequently as we can, so be sure to join our email list for design updates and coupons.

Tell me about the material the Diamond Dotz are attached to

Our working base is a heavy weight, high quality, 100% woven polyester fabric which is engineered to resist fold marks and is strong enough to carry the weight of the facets without any problem (even on the largest designs). 

Can two or more people work on the same Diamond Dotz project?

Yes, and because the kits only come with one tool kit, we now offer an accessory pack which includes 2 of each tool needed to complete a project for just $3.99. View this product.

Where can I purchase Diamond Dotz?

You are at the right place! You can view all the current available designs here or see us at one of our many conventions by viewing our show schedule here.

Which Diamond Dotz projects are new?

Our kits online are sorted from newest to oldest, simply click here to view the newest available design.

Here is a look at our newest designs:

Who can do a Diamond Dotz project?

The project box says from 8 to 80, but from testing we found that kids as young as 4 can finish a Diamond Dotz starter kit.

When can I see finished Diamond Dotz project samples?

A lot of our popular designs are on display at our conventions throughout the year, check out our show schedule here.

Tell me about the adhesive used on the projects

Our adhesive is a proprietary, hi-tech formula engineered by industry experts specifically for the Diamond Dotz activity. Our facets do not fall off and our adhesive makes dotting easy. Competing products have problems with the adhesive and the poorly engineered substrate. Meaning, your beads will not fall off.

What tools do I need to complete a Diamond Dotz project?

Everything you need to complete a project is included in every kit. There is nothing extra you need to buy.

Tell me about the printed backgrounds

A patented, high tech printing technology is used which ensures the Diamond Dotz products are beautifully printed. The printing is permanent, scratch resistant and fade resistant. All using non-toxic, eco-friendly inks. 

Where do you ship to?

We currently only ship throughout the United States.

Do you have a youtube video about Diamond Dotz?

Yes, here is a video where you can learn how to get your tool ready in under a minute!

How do the Diamond Dotz pillows work?

Exactly the same as the regular canvas projects, but instead they are done on pillow covers which can later be stuffed or filled with another plain pillow of the same size.

Can kids work on a Diamond Dotz project?

Absolutely! This is the only kind of craft that is good for all ages.

Will I run out of Diamond Dotz beads?

No, you will not run out of beads as each kit comes with more than enough beads to complete a project.