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My Sweet Petunia Precision Glue Press

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Introducing the Precision Glue Press is from My Sweet Petunia. This tool is perfect for anyone who has trouble squeezing glue bottles with their hands. Some might refer to this as a glue gun, however the glue bottle and the press are separate. Once you have set up the Precision Glue Press, you can recycle the box and the rubber band can be reused, making the packaging fully recyclable. Take some of the work out of gluing with the Precision Glue Press! 

Includes six items:

  • An ergonomic Precision Glue Press tool with a comfortable molded handle and trigger.
  • A stand for the Glue Press. Includes a silicone pillow for the nozzle tip to create an airtight seal in between uses.
  • One 2 ounce bottle of Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive.
  • An empty refillable bottle for your favorite adhesive.
  • One regular precision tip nozzle for a thicker application.
  • One fine tip precision nozzle for a thinner application. 


  • Choose your favorite adhesive to fill the refillable bottle or use the Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive.
  • Choose the regular or fine tip applicator nozzle to be screwed on the bottle.
  • If the lid is on the nozzle, unscrew the lid, and then load the bottle into the press until it clicks.
  • Control the flow of the glue by gently squeezing the trigger.
  • Make sure to put your Precision Glue Press tool on the stand between each use so the nozzle does not get blocked.
  • When you’re done gluing and before you screw the lid back on, make sure that there isn’t any leftover glue inside the precision tip.
  • Screw the lid on the glue bottle.

WARNING: Adult craft item. Keep out of reach of small children.


Precision Glue Press™ is covered by US Patent 11,772,121
European Community Design Registration Nos. 015015746 and 015015748

United Kingdom Design Registration Nos. 6271051 and 6271052

Other patents pending.



Customer Reviews

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Shannan Bowman
Love this!!

I was interested in this precision glue press first time I saw it! I had to wait a while due to back orders, but I was notified of its availability and got it right away. It is very easy to handle. Little effort needed to squeeze handle. So far I just love it!! Very practical for smaller gluing areas.. I love it.😁