Satellite Tumbler Class #2

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The turners are made-to-order, but all items will be delivered in time for satellite class!

Class #2 includes refills of everything from the starter kit (excluding the turner)

Choose 3 of the available colors from the short video

Exclusively for tumbler class members only.


Not a member? See below.


This is the perfect way to learn how to make your own custom thermal tumbler!

I want to join the satellite tumbler class:

Starter Kit Includes

>1 Custom-Made Wooden Cup Turner

>1 PVC Pole and Foam Piece

>2 Primed Large Ozark (30oz) Tumblers

>4 Gloves, Mixing Cups, and Stir Sticks

>1 Box of Epoxy with Syringes

>1 Sand Paper Square

>Any Necessary Glitter For Satellite Class

>Extra Glitter For Second Tumbler

>Unlimited Access to Satellite Class Facebook Group



All Inclusive Price: $99   (Commitment-Free)


Refill Kits Will Be Offered For Future Monthly Satellite Classes: $59

>Tumbler Project Announced Within Group To Allow Time to Opt-In & Receive Kit

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