Tsukineko Fantastix Absorbent Coloring Tool


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Natural in the hand and as easy to control as a crayon, Tsukineko Fantastix Absorbent Coloring Tools can be used as a coloring tool or an ink-ready marker. Just dip the tip into waterbased or solvent-based liquid inks (or even press it to the surface of an ink pad) to pull the ink into the barrel and create a marker or a "brush."

Available with either a rounded (bullet) tip or a conical (brush tip), the absorbent fibers in these marker tips allow for precise application of inks and other materials, even dry materials like chalk.

Use the side of the brush tip for larger areas and the tip for detailed work. The bullet tip is perfect for blending on paper and fabric. The tools are reusable and, although they cannot be sharpened, the tips can be reshaped by cutting the foam fibers.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review